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Reliable Duct & Vent Cleaning

Trust the skilled team at Duct Clean Pro in Mclean, Virginia, for reliable duct and vent cleaning for your air conditioner and dryer ventilation systems. Our service will remove fire hazards, improve the health of the people in your home, and improve the efficiency of your dryer and air conditioning system by removing obstructions.

Air Duct Cleaning

We’ll clean your entire air duct system, starting at the returns. Once we’ve finished with the returns, we clean the furnace in the basement, and attach a vacuum to the main duct of the supply line.

Each supply is cleaned before we return to the furnace and finish the job, and sanitizer is used in all of the main lines. Duct cleaning is important, especially in homes with pets or following construction, to remove dust, hair, feathers, and other debris. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer vent can impact the performance of your dryer and serve as the starting point for fires. Cleaning the dryer vent ensures that you are safe from fires, and that your clothes dry efficiently. Our vent cleaning service cleans your dryer duct inside and out after disconnecting it from the dryer, and we’ll even clean inside the dryer.

You may need vent cleaning if you notice that your clothes are taking too long to dry, or that it’s too hot in the dryer area. You may also notice that there’s too much lint being caught in the lint trap.


• Apartment (1 furnace) : $ 350.00  .Townhouse / Single House (1 furnace): $ 500.00

• Single House (2 furnaces):$  900.00

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